Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015

Bird Feeder Visitor

We have this wonderful little bird feeder that sticks to a window.  Combined with the slo-mo video feature on an iPhone and I got some interesting footage.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sunset Over Silver Spring Metro

Beautiful sunset over the Silver Spring Metro Station and Transit Center today.  Enjoy!

For the CWG Blog

Regular visitors to my blog (I suspect there are a few of you out there!), know I am a bit of a weather nerd. I regularly follow the Capital Weather Gang and sometimes Tweet them photos and post in response to blog posting there.

A few winters back I created a simple numerical system for shortcuts to commenting on the blog. The system was really designed to be used during heavy traffic periods right before/after a snow-related event. I’ve updated the system to more broadly cover day-to-day commenting.

Feel free to use the comments section to make up new numbers to add. 

 1. This winter stinks because there has been no snow.

2. We’ll never get snow in DC again this winter (or ever). I give up! 

3. Spring is only X days away! 

4. I want more snow!

 5. I’m a SnoBro! 

6. I’m a mildist!

 7. Insert song parody. 

8. I thought this was a weather blog. 

9. The CWG is wonderful. 

10. The CWG couldn’t forecast its way out of a wet paper bag. 

11. If you question the possibility of a snow storm because of the current temperatures. 

 12. Where’s the SLCB? 

13. Where’s the FedCast? 

14. Where’s the SchoolCast? 

15. Do you think we’ll have a delay/cancellation tomorrow? 

16. I have to be at X by Y time tomorrow, will I be okay? 

17. I’m flying out of DCA/BWI/IAD tomorrow, will my flight be cancelled? 

18. Why do we have to name winter weather events? 

19. This area stinks at handling snow. When I lived/grew up in (insert name of some northern city), we knew how to handle snow! 

20. When does the next model come out? 

21. X model is really bad/good this far out. 

22. The NAM usually favors a wet solution. 

23. I really hope X model verifies. 

24. Any comment on climate change. 

25. Snarky political comment. 

26. If you spot a troll. 

27. If you are a troll. 

28. If you want to know what Walter plans on sculpting with the snow. 

29. Alcohol related commentary. 

30. You should see what (insert name of another forecaster) is forecasting. 

31. (Insert name of city to the north) is getting all of our snow.

32. This system just needs to track a little (north/south/east) for my liking.

33. Is there a link for this?

34. What does this have to do with DC?


36. I’m cooking/bbqing X for dinner tonight.

37. Quick, run to the grocery store for milk, bread, TP.

38. I’m putting away my snow boots.

39. Where is Cantore going?

40. Grrrr. I just gassed up the snow blower and the models moved north.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Wild Bergamot

Occasionally I'll shoot something with a pretty good sense of what I'm going to do with it in post-processing, or rather, I know I've got a post-processing plan in mind.  This is one of those photos.  I really wanted to isolate this one seed head with a bright background.  Enjoy!