Monday, August 25, 2014

Glass Insulator Abstract

This shot has a lot going on with it.  First, I turned the glass insulator on end and started taking photos of the bottom end.  Then, I fooled around with the HDR settings on my 70D, taking multiple exposures and blending them together.  In order to get a bit of a "painterly" feeling, during each exposure, some lasting over 10 seconds, I moved the lens so that is was between 50mm and 70mm during the exposure.  And he's the result of all that - plus a little tweaking in Adobe Lightroom.

Saturday, August 23, 2014


A bit more rainy day fun.  We have this beautiful bay window with a nice seat in front of it so I can put objects on it and get some wonderful light on a gray day.  This is an abstract of three glass insulators although I see ripples in a turquoise pool of water.

A Little Bounty From Our Garden

We took a bit of a minimalist approach to gardening this year and ended up with one rather prolific cherry tomato plant.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of cherry tomatoes it has produced so far.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Sunset Over Savannah National Wildlife Refuge

For the summer of 2000, after law school, I stayed with my parents in Savannah to study for the bar.  I would occasionally trek out to the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge to take photographs.  This is one particularly memorable sunset I saw.  It feels a little grainy to me, but I think that's a really bad scan from a slide to digital.  This was shot on Fuji film - I think Provia 100.